Women Self Defence Workshop


Learning basic self-defence skills, focus on specific moves, utilising your natural weapons and giving you the ability to escape and survive certain situations.
This workshop consists of 2x 2hours sessions (Hours might changed, please contact us to confirm).
The first session will focus on basic skills, both theoretical and practical. The second session will be more practical work with more focus on the moves and specific escapes from holds and grabs, striking from close quarters and eliminating/minimising threats. These are the key outcomes.

Breakdown of the sessions:

The workshop

• Awareness and environment
• Possible scenarios: Where and when, how, signs
• The Psychology factor
• Tools
• Your natural weapons
• Vulnerable areas

Practical work

• Warmups,
• Stance, Punches, Kicks, Palms, Head, Elbows
• Response and reaction
• Simulating an attack from back and front, arm grab, hug, hair pull, mounting
• Locks and holds
• The fight: breaking it down
• Practice and sparring
• Techniques to focus on
This is a MUST Technique for all women, so don’t wait. Get your girlfriends to learn this self saving technique. Of course, we don’t want you to use it,  But we want to prepare you for it.
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