The 5 W's of Group Fitness

Group fitness is a great way to workout and burn some serious calories, all while having a great time! Below are the five W’s that will convince you to give Group Fitness classes a try!

What; Group Fitness is literally that. A group of people following an instructor in a range of different exercises, to help you become healthy fit and strong. At Exodus we specifically have 8 different disciplines of Group Fitness – Box Circuit, ExoCircuit, Fight Do, Pilates, Power, Top RideYoga and Zumba.

Who; Group Fitness is suitable for any age, fitness level and gender that’s why we offer so many different styles of classes. There is something for everyone, no matter what your goals are!

Why; There are many reasons as to why people participate in Group Fitness. -It is motivating – your instructor loves what they teach and are qualified to take you through the exercises safely, they will motivate you to keep on trying and push you to your limits (when necessary). -It’s challenging – often you will work harder when someone is telling you what to do, there is no slacking off or taking it easy. -It’s social – you will meet other like-minded members who are keen to work hard and have a good time, plus you will get to know your instructors who are more than happy to have a chat and get to know you and your goals and help you achieve them! -It’s routine; our class timetable changes bi-annually so there is lots of time for you to create a routine and get into the habit of coming to your favourite classes every week. -And it’s fun!  The music, smiles, motivation and enjoyment you will get from your first class will have you buzzing to get to your next.  You will soon start to see and feel the results in no time!

When;  We have 43 classes on per week – check out our timetable

Where; We have 3 different Group Exercise studios for the different disciplines we teach.  On Level 1 we have Top Ride studio for our Top Ride classes and Group Exercise Studio for Box Circuit, ExoCircuit, Fight Do, Power and Zumba.  On Level 2 we have a Mind & Body studio for Yoga and Pilates

So if you have never tried a class before, for whatever reason, get on down here and give it a go!  Don’t be shy to try it out, everyone had their first class and we love to welcome new members in to have some fun.  Remember whatever the reason, it’s a good one.  What’s yours?

Rachael Dvorsky

(P) 04 978 9700

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