Mus MajeedPersonal Trainer

• NZ certificate of exercise level 4
• First aid

Specialty areas:
• Strength and conditioning
• Weight management
• Rehabilitation
• Muscle building
• Body toning
• Tournament and event preparation

Professional Experience:

My training is challenging, energising and uplifting, my mission is to help you achieve the outcomes you are after and provide you with the tools to combat weight gain, stress and aging. Training will bring balance to your life and you will notice great improvements in your physical and mental health.
I have been involved in the sports world on and off for a long time and have practiced several types of martial arts, I also have extensive experience in the areas of coaching and training and know how to get you to the level where you utilise your best ability and show you how to dig deep when required. I also provide rehabilitation training for injuries, pre and post-surgery prehab and rehab.
Areas of expertise are strength training, weight control, toning, endurance, muscle building, tournament and event preparation, rehab and nutrition advice.