Lucy GijbersFitness Consultant

Area of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Weight loss
  • Nutrition



  • Certificate in Personal Training – NZIHF
  • Diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition
  • Comprehensive First Aid
  • Certified Power Instructor
  • ExoCircuit Instructor



Exercise has almost always played a big part of my life – the ‘almost’ referring to times I wasn’t looking after my health and fitness but knew I should be!

When I was a youngster I used to be involved in various competitive sports, but I have to say that this came to a bit of a lull once I started going to Uni and demolishing a block of Cadbury white milk bubbly chocolate per day. At this stage I’d go running maybe once a week at most for about 20 minutes in an attempt to curb the growth of my waistline but it didn’t make any difference. Eventually things got to the stage where I decided that I had to do something about my bad habits and I came in to Exodus for a trial.

Despite my apprehensions, which stemmed from never having attended a gym in my life, I really loved the Exo-Circuit, Box-Circuit and Power classes at Exodus and from that point on I became a bit of a gym junkie! The classes fitted in great with my schedule and I found them to be much more motivating than working out alone.

I then started to incorporate weight lifting into my training. To start with I got a buzz out of seeing the progress I was making – an extra 2.5kg here and there added up quickly. Now I try to never skip a weights session. It’s tough work but I feel great afterwards and am so much stronger now than when I started.

With classes and strength training making good progress I decided I needed to test out my cardio fitness. I had done a bit of running before so decided a half marathon was the way to go. I trained with the Exodus Run Group in late 2015/early 2016 and 12 weeks later I ran the half marathon at the Wellington Round the Bays. Despite some very sore legs screaming bloody murder at me around the 16km point I managed to finish. Maybe one day I’ll be convinced to try another, but for now I prefer shorter trail runs!

Overall, whether it be cardio, weights or classes I like a challenge and it’s always satisfying seeing how much one can achieve with a bit of dedication and with the right training (and of course a lot of willpower)! I still don’t have that much willpower when it comes to chocolate though.

Please come and have a chat to me! If you need any help achieving your fitness and/or nutrition goals I would be delighted to help!


Phone 04 978 9700