Lucas GoodwinPersonal Trainer

Area of Expertise

  • Scorching body fat
  • Muscle building and toning up
  • Injury rehabilitation and posture correction


  • Diploma of Exercise Science Level 6
  • Certificate of Exercise Science Level 5
  • First Aid Certified

About Lucas

I have now been at Exodus for close to 5 years. Over that time I have helped many clients achieve their fitness goals. I believe in using methods that have been proven to work and get the best results for YOU.

I can make you feel better about yourself no matter what your goal is!

Mobile 027 461 5125

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“Lucas sets achievable goals and helps you reach them! I’ve been a gym member for a few years but with Lucas’s help I’m the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been. Lucas also provides me with essential nutrition advice and in 12 weeks I’ve lost 7kg. If you want to achieve your fitness goals I’d highly recommend Lucas as a personal trainer!”  – Louise

“Since training consistently with Lucas 2x week for 6months I have lost 6% body fat and have seen great gains especially with my back/biceps. I hate cardio so we do lots of weights training which I love! I still have a long way to go but without training with Lucas, I wouldn’t have the same intensity in my training which he provides. He knows to call me out when I am slacking and I love it!” -Tiffany

“I have been doing Personal Training sessions at Exodus for 10 months now with Lucas. I started by doing only a 30 minute session per week and am now doing 2 sessions of 1 hour and 45 minutes per week, as I enjoy the sessions so much! They are always really enjoyable and I find having sessions rather than just working out by myself keeps me motivated. I am a lot fitter and stronger than I used to be. Lucas is very knowledgeable about how the muscles work as well and always explains which muscles that are being worked during each session, which I find really interesting.”   -Samantha Mills

“When I first started training with Lucas I showed up out of shape and was in chronic back pain; not even able to sit a day at my desk without suffering. He worked with me, combining a balance of rehab and strength building workouts which over the course of the year completely eliminated my back pain. Since then I have seen really pleasing results in muscle growth and strength. Lucas provided me with the tools and motivation to learn how to train myself using correct techniques in a wide range of exercises. This past year I have put on more muscle and have felt better about myself than I have since I was a young lad. I can really say Lucas has been the biggest influence on my new found addiction to the gym.” –Sam Laver