Kieran DrewPersonal Trainer

Area of Expertise

  • Weight Loss / Toning
  • Muscle Building / Strength Training
  • Goal Setting & Training for Beginners
  • Personalised Nutrition Plans


  • Certificate in Personal Training Level 3 with Merit
  • First Aid Certified

I believe that physical training is an essential part of life – whether it be cardio, weights or sport. I know very well the many benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle, and my personal mission is to help you experience those benefits for yourself!

I have many years of weight training experience and have developed a ‘healthy addiction’ and passionate enthusiasm for the gym environment. I believe in combining strict technique with intensity, consistency and enjoyment to help you achieve your goals!

As a strong advocate of flexible dieting, I believe that it is the most effective and maintainable way to manage weight consistently. I am very familiar with calorie and macronutrient tracking and am passionate about teaching you how to apply these essential steps to lose fat while maintaining your hard-earned muscle and tone.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, get fit, or just feel good again – I will work with you to get results and transform your lifestyle.

Discover your ‘healthy addiction’ now.

Mobile 027 350 5091


“I had a health scare 12 months ago when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I weighed 141kg, and I was put on high blood pressure medication at the age of 34.

I went and saw Kieran at Exodus. He listened to what I had to say and formulated a complete health plan to help me lose weight. Not only did he take measurements and help me with the nutrition side of things, he also formulated great training sessions. He encouraged me to push myself so that each session we had resulted in me walking away feeling like I had achieved something. While training with Kieran I lost 26kg in 12 weeks! From nutrition to weight loss, if you follow what he has to say you can’t go wrong.

Over the years I’ve had a lot of trainers and Kieran is by far the best trainer I’ve had. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone, and I think my weight loss results are a testament to just how good he is.” – Brett

“When I first met Kieran he asked me what I wanted to achieve at the gym. I enthusiastically said ‘weight loss, weight loss, weight loss’ and we set a goal to lose 20kgs. I can happily say I’ve lost 13kgs to date, and have shape and tone like never before. Everyone is commenting! I could never have done this without Kieran’s knowledge and advice, and his belief in me! We still have a bit to go but this journey is totally worth it. Working with Kieran is a true partnership and he puts a real investment into understanding me and my goals, and helping me achieve these – it’s hard and challenging, and incredibly rewarding, but most of all, fun!

Kieran is more than a personal trainer – he really is a life coach! Kieran doesn’t just focus on gym training sessions – his support continues outside of the gym and he is always available for questions and advice whether it’s training, nutrition or general health based. No question is a silly one! The key to my achievement thus far is that ‘back to basics’ combination of exercise and nutrition, and Kieran regularly monitors and adjusts my food diary to ensure I’m keeping to my goals and my weight-loss schedule (and will give me a nudge if I need to get back on track!).

There is no denying that Kieran is the best personal trainer I’ve ever had the chance to work with – he knows his stuff, and I’m so lucky to benefit from all of his knowledge, his time and his enthusiasm! Kieran wants you to be successful and will really push and challenge you to achieve, and the results are totally worth it. I’m absolutely focused on achieving the goals that we’ve set and the next milestone ahead, and it’s truly a privilege working with him.” – Shelley


“I’ve been training with Kieran for over 3 months now and he’s been fantastic. He’s an excellent motivator, fun to work with, and always has special tips to get the most out of an exercise. I came into it with a couple of injuries, and he’s been great at working with and around them. Training has gone from a bit of a chore to something I look forward to, and I highly recommend Kieran to anyone looking to get into it.” – Josiah

“I have struggled at times to motivate myself to go to the gym but ever since Kieran started training me he has led me to become extremely motivated and I always look forward to the next training session. Although Kieran’s sessions are always enjoyable, they are never easy. I have often walked out of the gym contemplating why I have to do this, but since training with Kieran, my energy levels have risen, I am sleeping better and feel much healthier. Kieran is extremely personable and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that wants to make a lifestyle change.” – Richard