Studies show faster beats boost your workout

Imagine completing your training in complete silence – Can you remember the last time you worked out without music?

The Asian Journal of Sports Medicine recently published a study in which 12 male athletes listened to music at 120-140 bpm during a 10 minute warm up, then completed a 30-second sprint on an indoor bike. Two days later, they performed the same test, without any music. Results concluded that although listening to music did not alter the heart rate noticeably, it increased the athletes peak power output!

Dr Paul. Spector of Pantheon Medicine attributed these results to music having “a profound effect on the nervous system.” He went on to explain that music is an essential component of exercise that “allows levels and duration of physical output that were not possible without the musical stimulus.”

Many of us cannot imagine our workouts without those playlists to back us up during exercise, but why not start sooner? Playing those tunes while you prep for your workout could provide that X-factor you are missing to take it to the next level!

The Asian Journal of Sports Medicine

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