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Channelise your energies

Tight muscles from a week of workouts? Come along. Need to destress from a hard day at work? Welcome. The physical and mental benefits from Yoga are numerous and all encompassing.

Yoga is simply a great way to de-stress, keep your mind quiet and work on the overall function of your body. Each yoga pose has specific physical and mental benefits. On a spiritual level the goal of Yoga is to balance body, mind and spirit. On a physical level the goal Yoga is to lengthen, stretch and strengthen muscles throughout the body.

Your instructor will choose a focus for the class, be it hamstrings, hip mobility, fluidity, power Yoga, core strength, relaxation, balance.


Flexibility & Mobility | Balance | Low Impact

What you need to bring to your class

Come along in gym wear which is easy to move in and you feel comfortable wearing. Yoga mats, straps and blocks are provided.

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