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The Perfect Lunchtime Workout

Welcome to Tabata. This training method will make every muscle work – including the ones you didn’t know you had!

The format is easy in theory, harder in practice:

  • Just four stations with 2 exercises per station.
  • Start with 20 seconds of exercise 1, then take 10 seconds rest
  • Move to 20 seconds of exercise 2, then take 10 more seconds rest.
  • Repeat each exercise 4 times and that’s 1 station complete.

Take a well-earned 1 min break and then it’s off to the next station.


  • Fat loss through increased metabolic rate.
  • Muscle tissue retention.
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic capacity increase.
  • Time saving – a perfect lunchtime workout.

What you need to bring to your class

Make sure to bring a drink bottle and sweat towel along to this class – you will need them! A keen attitude to work hard will be most helpful. Bring a friend too!

And remember to bring a keen attitude to smash it out!

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