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Strengthen your core

Pilates caters to a very diverse range of participants and is suitable for all fitness levels. Exercises using equipment such as resistance bands and Power Circles can be incorporated into a Pilates mat class, to add variety and expand levels of intensity. The 6 main principles a Pilates class is based on are: breathing, centering, concentration, control, precision and flow.

Although this class may not get your heart racing you are still going to work up a sweat as you enhance your core strength and muscle balance, improving how your body moves, looks and feels.


Core strength | Flexibility | Mobility | Strength | Improves posture

What you need to bring to your class

Come along in gym gear that you are comfortable in and is easy to move in. Mats are provided however you are welcome to bring your own. Accessories including bands, straps, blocks and rings are all provided.

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