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Dance yourself into shape !

If you love to move your body to awesome music, then DanceFit is for you! Set to an energetic mixture of music, DanceFit is a fun, full body workout with built-in variety. Not only will you increase your aerobic fitness, but your metabolic rate will improve as well.

In DanceFit we have a warm-up track to start, a cool-down to finish, and the fun is in the middle! The class is split into three sections, and each section has a cool theme for us to dance to. You might find yourself shakin’ what your Mumma gave you to themes like “Sassy”, “Sexy time”, “Around the world”, “Boy bands”, “Songs from the 2000s” – to name but a few.

Think of DanceFit as “exercise in disguise”. You’ll move, dance and bop around, living your best life. But with a bit of luck, you’ll be sore the next day and wondering why! This is because the class has been put together using interval training principles, as well as ensuring you get a full body workout.

Sound awesome? It is! Get ready to have some fun, and sweat. Everyone’s welcome and Tash looks forward to seeing you on the dance floor.


Agility | Aerobic fitness | Muscle co-ordination| Sense of wellbeing | Confidence | New dance moves!

What you need to bring to your class

Come along in comfortable fitness gear that is easy to move in. You won’t use or need any other equipment, just bring an open mind.

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