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Getting fit with Box30

Box 30 performed with a free-standing kickboxing bag, designed exclusively for this class, using boxing gloves and/or shin pads for optional protection. Each ‘round’ (track) used in Box 30 assimilates the use of Boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing through simple combinations, which are intense and dynamic. The Rounds are also combined with 1 minute cardio and full body muscle strengthening exercises.

Combined with other exercise you do in the gym, Box 30 are best attended once per week. The Box45 class breaks down the movements with more emphasis on teaching. If you’re feeling confident with your moves head along to Box30 for a fast-paced action packed experience.

This great workout finishes with a cool down, including stretches to bring your heart rate down before you head out to finish off your day.


Cardiovascular fitness | Aerobic fitness | Muscle co-ordination | Improves Agility | Learn Boxing techniques

What you need to bring to your class

Come along to the party in comfortable fitness gear that is easy to move in. You will be provided with boxing gloves – however if you have your own you are more than welcome to bring them along. A drink bottle and towel are mandatory, as you will need them.

You don’t use or need any other equipment, so bring a fun attitude and enjoy!

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