Pilates Workshop

Proprioception (Body Control) & Strength Pilates Workshop

FRIDAY, 12 June, 5-7pm

A Pilates workshop like never before! – based on body strengthening, challenging your stability & balance and including a high tempo Pilates circuit.

Join Alicia for a fun and challenging workout to improve your Pilates knowledge and ability.

Members $15
Non-Members $30

We will cover breathing, pelvic placement (neutral and imprint), rib cage placement, scapular movement & stabilisation, head & cervical placement in a little more detail than a normal Pilates class. We will also introduce a longer warm up, working on these things, to ensure all of the principles are understood.

During the class we will work with some light weights to work the arms and also for some members to make the exercises more challenging. Swiss balls and foam rollers will also be utilised to improve body control and balance which are really important.

Once all the members understand all the exercises, we will finish with a circuit which we will increase the intensity.

To sum up, we will be focusing on strength, intensity, and body control (proprioception).

During Pilates classes we always try to combine strength exercises with stretching exercises. At the end of the class we will stretch the muscles that have been worked out a little bit more.

Spaces are limited so to avoid missing out book at reception or register your interest below



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