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Our steam and sauna rooms can be the much needed relief after an intensive workout. Relax your muscles and unwind with our sauna in Wellington.

The warmth opens up the pores of your skin removing toxins, creating a flow of perspiration which helps cleanse your skin and relieve your muscles.

To cool off further, watch TV or read from a selection of magazines in the Sauna and Steam Room lounge/wet area.

This is your cocoon; a moment away from the stress and rush of your hectic lifestyle.


  • Allow 5 mins rest after exercise before you use
  • Shower before and after use
  • Drink plenty of water  before and after
  • Wear a bathing suit or cover yourself with a towel
  • Use for 15 – 20 mins maximum
  • If you are new to using the steam room work your way up to 15 mins
  • Do NOT exercise in the steam room
  • Be considerate of others

There is a control panel located outside and to the left of the steam room. If the light (red or yellow) at the top right is NOT on then you will need to push the button on the wall inside the steam room once only. Pushing the button more than once can slow the system down. The steam will take a couple of minutes to be produced – much like a kettle.

Individuals with the medical conditions, who are or have recently been pregnant should consult a doctor before use. Those feeling dizzy or faint should leave the Steam Room immediately. If feeling persists seek medical advice and consult a doctor before using again.

  • Hydrates skin
  • Soothes sinus and chest congestion
  • Relieves symptoms of dry throat and nasal passages
  • Helps improve sleep