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Equipment & Facilities

Our experience isn’t about a few pieces of machinery inside a building. This is a carefully tailored environment with range of gym equipment NZ to help you ‘set the record straight’ and mould the new you.

It’s not about having over 66 pieces of cardio equipment. Race to the bike or treadmill on our first floor instead of the sofa and be rewarded with your own personal SKY channels to choose from. It’s not about over 100 free weights, machines and training equipment in a dedicated floor upstairs. It’s not even just about being able to enjoy yourself. Rest, relax and indulge after a workout in our sauna or steam room. Unwind.

It is about you. Whatever your reason, it’s a good one. Care to try us and experience the difference?



We offer specially designed classes with highly trained instructors. Free for all members.

Relax your muscles and let your pores open with the warmth of the steam. Free for all members.

Free Parking

90 mins Free Parking available to all members

Our personal trainers can fast track your fitness and push you harder

Our Little Feet child minding service ensures that you can workout while your child is taken care of.

Fitness Programmes

Our fitness consultants can tailor a complimentary programme to meet your fitness goals.

Our loyalty programme allows us to offer you discounts

We have a team of professionals at the Exodus precinct to help you treat your injuries. Meet the team.