Less Stress is Best: The benefits of Vitamin C and Magnesium

Vitamin C and Magnesium can be wonder supplements when it comes to reducing stress levels and increasing the quality of your sleep. Taking these supplements at the right doses and at the correct times will help to enhance your results at the gym and make you more productive at your job!

During and post exercise your body is in a state of stress. This stress is found in the form of high cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone activated by the instinctual ‘fight or flight’ response that allows us to access energy straight away.

Unfortunately, this energy comes at a cost. While cortisol levels are high, the body is being broken down to be metabolised as energy. The sooner cortisol levels are minimised, the quicker our bodies can start to repair and recover from intense exercise. One of the best ways to do this is by taking a large dose of vitamin C straight after exercise.

Vitamin C has been shown in numerous studies to reduce cortisols levels. I would also recommend taking Vitamin C in smaller amounts throughout the day (about 7-10 grams in total) to help keep cortisol levels in check. The best way to do this is to space the doses out over the course of the day (eg 3-4 doses of 2 grams). It is critical that one of these doses is immediately taken post workout to reduce cortisol. Reducing cortisol isn’t the only benefit from Vitamin C, check out the other benefits you’ll receive from our citrus friends.

Another great way to relieve stress is to get better sleep. A restful night’s sleep can make all the difference to your mood and conversely make you grumpy and unbearable if you have a bad one. Taking magnesium an hour before you go to bed will help to relax your mind as well as your muscles. A relaxed mind is a restful mind making the transition to sleep much easier. Taking 1 gram of Magnesium with dinner and then 1 gram just before bed should help you rest easy! Try to avoid any Magnesium supplements that have been oxidised as they are poorly absorbed by the body.

Why is this important?

The better rested you are, the fewer unwanted stress hormones you have flowing around your system the more productive and pleasant person you will be. Other benefits include being able to train harder, longer and more often!

Sounds like a recipe of success to me.

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