Learn to Eat v2.0

Feeling frustrated with your lack of progress lately? Are you in a winter food slump too??

Don’t worry I felt the same way, until I found the right coach to help me understand my body better. Discover my new Learn to Eat Program and I will personally teach you not only how to love the body you have, but have it love you back!

Programme starts 21 August. Costs from only $20 PW


• Balance your hormones
• Decrease body fat storage
• Stabilise your blood sugars
• Avoid that 3pm slump
• Increase energy day to day
• Sleep better
• Look younger
• Become happier and lose the food swings (mood swings)

Contact me now to book your consultation.

I’d love for you to join us!

For questions and / or bookings please contact Rachel via Email: rachel@fitbodiescoaching.com.au or Mobile: 020 412 46477

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