Le Cardio De Kiwi

Hi Everyone

With the end of 2015 drawing ever closer the Fitness Team here at Exodus have one last challenge to throw at you so you can sign the year off in style!

It’s one that some of you may be familiar with, but for the uninitiated it’s relatively straight-forward and only requires hard work and dedication – as any good challenge should.

In Le Cardio de Kiwi (LCDK) you make your way from Auckland by bike, treadmill and cross-trainer towards Wellington over a six week period. For those of you who aren’t too sure of the distance between Auckland and Wellington; it’s 658km. While LCDK makes for a great individual challenge you also have the option of teaming up with friends, family or colleagues in groups of two or three to complete the entire journey in the time-frame. Your journey begins Monday 2nd November and finishes up on Sunday 13th December.

The Fitness Team will update your weekly progress on a banner so you can keep track of exactly where you are. You will see your effort bring you closer to Wellington every week.

Le Cardio de Kiwi is a fantastic challenge for those wanting to get in shape for summer, keep their fitness and motivation levels high or just for the fun of it.

The LCDK costs $10 per person to enter – for this you get:

  • Weekly updates of your progress.
  • An Exodus LCDK finisher’s certificate which includes how many kilometres you travelled over the six weeks.
  • An Exodus Fitness Pack

Entry closes on Wednesday 28th October at 10pm.

You can start your registration here by filling out your name and email address – Mat will be in touch and can answer any questions you have about LCDK. Your entry will be confirmed when you have made the $10 payment at reception.

To enter as a team just enter firstly as individuals then contact Mat to say who is in your team and he will organise it from there.

LCDK is a great way to sign off 2015 so register today to finish the year off with a BANG!

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