Building Glutes with Tessa

Your glutes are the largest and strongest muscles in your body, and yet often overlooked in training.

Strengthening your glutes decreases your risk of back, hip and knee injuries as well as improving posture.

Furthermore, weak glutes may also contribute to pulled muscles in your hamstring or groin.

Here are my top exercises for building glutes!


These are a must-do move to build those glutes.

The most important part of this exercise is posture.

Your squat form is influenced by your hip anatomy so everyone will squat a little bit differently.


Another must-do move to tighten your glutes!

If you want to make it harder try adding some dumbbells or adding in some pulses.

  Glute Bridge

Keep your feet close to your butt, and then raising your hips nice and high – holding for two seconds at the top of the movement.

Make sure you engage your glutes throughout the whole movement.

  Donkey Kick

This works your lower back, core, legs and glutes!

With every lift you tone all 3 glute muscles. Make sure to push through your heel to activate your glutes.

If you would like to get a “Building Glutes with Tessa” programme or some advice then contact Tessa today on or 022 678 6244

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