Best Eats after a Workout

We all use a lot of energy during a workout, especially if it’s a tough one. To best replenish and nourish our body with what it needs after working so hard, is to feed it with the right stuff! Below are Sandi’s top five tips to get the most out of your post workout meals:


  1. Protein is important after a workout; it helps repair and build the muscles that have been broken down during exercise. My favourite source of protein is EGGS (especially poached!). Please don’t be fooled by movies- raw eggs have no advantage over cooked eggs; some studies even show that cooked eggs help the body absorb almost twice as much protein as raw ones!


  1. Eat Carbs. For our muscles to contract and work we use a source called ‘glucose’ in the form of ‘glycogen’ or rather what we store carbohydrates as in the body. In order to recover and rebuild the muscles after a workout, it is important to re-ingest some carbohydrates and top up our muscle glycogen levels. My favourite fast absorbing carbohydrate snack after workout is a banana- it’s quick absorbing and full of potassium.


  1. Don’t Binge! After a big workout it is natural to feel very hungry – you have just used a lot of energy and your body is giving you a sign it’s time to replenish. However just because you have worked hard and feel hungry doesn’t mean you get to eat whatever you want or however much you want- at least not if you want the BEST for your body. Make sure you keep your portion sizes under control and eat what your body needs rather than just the high caloric foods you may think you crave at the time.


  1. Drink Water. Even though it is important to hydrate before and during a workout, it is equally important to replace any water loss from exercise. I know it seems obvious and we have all heard the “8 glasses a day” tip before but it is common to forget to drink enough water. The body really does benefit from being adequately hydrated- water helps to make you feel energized, flush out toxins and improve your digestion.


  1. Eat Fruits and Veggies. They contain or help absorb necessary and natural sources of vitamins and minerals that the body needs for optimal function and performance. I enjoy blueberries- they are not only delicious but give the body a huge antioxidant boost and help speed up recovery.


How many of these are you currently doing? Give them a try – these simple steps are all you need to ensure you are making the most of your training sessions!

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