Beginners guide to meal prep

Welcome to our Beginners Guide to Meal Prep

There are no excuses, we have 168 hours in the week.

4-5 workouts a week would take 4-5 hours out of that 168 hours, leaving you 163 hours. Subtracting 40 hours for work gives you 123 hours left. Deducting a minimum of 56 hours a week for sleep and you have 67 hours left. Surely can you take one hour out of whats left of your week to do some meal prep?

Want to get healthier? Want to lose weight? – Try prepping at least your lunches. It is so easy and takes so little time to prep some chicken and veges for your lunches. Try these simple ideas for a healthier lifestyle.

Bake 5-6 chicken breasts for 20-30mins in the oven with some garlic and spices, no oil needed and there you have 5-6 lunch or dinner staples that you can mix up with different vegetable and carb sources.

To prepare vegetables, do the same. Dice some different veggies and bake for 20 mins at 180C. We recommend trying pumpkin, kumara, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, onions and any other hearty vegetables. Try mixing it up by eating them cold in a vege salad or heating them up for a warm meal with your chicken.

Meal prep doesn’t have to be complicated. You can just have a lunch box of veggies and a lunch box of chicken in your fridge for quick lunches or dinners. This great tip saves you resorting to an unhealthy option and is also an inexpensive way to stay on top of your diet.

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