90 Day Transformation Challenge

Sometimes you just need a challenge to get you out of a rut and push you over that plateau. With this 90 day transformation challenge, you will challenge yourself to new limits and start transforming your lifestyle through diet and exercise. The result, visible changes to your body and a new lease on life! What are you waiting for?!

In addition, the below are also included in the challenge:
– Customised training plan
– Customised nutrition plan
– Regular progress check ups

90 Day Transformation Round 1 Results

After 90 days of work hard, intense exercise and healthy eating by all the competitors the 90 Day Challenge has finished and it’s time to announce the two winners!

The winner in the male division is Andrew Monastra. During the challenge Andrew was able to lose a whooping 21kgs! Not only does Andrew now look like a new person he has been able to change some life style habits and now workouts intensely and eats healthy. Personally I am really proud of the dedication Andrew showed to reaching his goal, it is great to see him in the gym regularly, still working hard!

The winner in the female division is Michaele Dyball. Michaele was one of the most committed participates in the competition, routinely getting to the gym nice and early to get her workout in before work. Despite a few bumps in the road along the way, Michaele is now more toned and looks great. All of her hard work in and out of the gym paid off as we see in her photo!

Congratulations to everyone that took part in the 90 Day Challenge. Life style changes are not always the easiest, but with hard work and dedication results will come. If you would like to lose some weight, tone up, change your body, get in touch with me and I will help you get the results you want just like our winners!
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