5 Things Women Need To Know About Strength Training


1 – Strength training will not make you bulky (unless that’s what you want of course)
Some women are concerned that lifting heavy weights means, big bulky muscles and an unfeminine look.  Images of body building athletes comes to mind and this can be off putting. The fact of the matter is these women that you see up on stage competing for body sculpting titles have worked very hard to get up there!  Women build muscle at a much slower rate than men and we have to work hard to keep our muscle tone.  In fact our muscle mass starts to decline in our adult years unless we follow a simple strength training programme to maintain our muscle mass.

2 – Technique is important
Just like training in any other discipline, it is very important that with strength training you are completing the exercise with correct technique.  This will ensure you get the results you desire and help you avoid injury.  Having the right form will also advance you towards your goals faster.  If you are unsure of correct techniques for lifting it is important that you learn from a professional.  You can book as session with Rachael to cover the basics.

3 – You will burn fat faster
Strength training improves muscle tone, and your muscles metabolise and burn calories.  So the more muscle tone you have the faster you will burn fat.  Again this is not to say you need big huge muscles.  But improving the density of your muscles will also mean you are burning more calories while at rest not just during the exercise.

4 – Strength Training Is Vital for Older Women
As we get older we have a higher risk of developing osteoporosis where our bones become weakened and vulnerable to breakages.  This, coupled with our decrease in muscles mass as we age, can also lead to poor posture and balance.  A simple strength training programme will not only improve and maintain your physique but will also preserve bone density.  With stronger muscles we are able to hold ourselves taller, feel more confident and reduce these health risks.

5 – We Are All Different So One Workout Plan Will Not Work for All
Each and every one of our bodies is different and unique.  We all want different things in life.  We all have different health and exercise history.  So this means we all need a different strength programme to achieve our goals.  One programme does certainly not suit all when it comes to lifting weights.  The best way to find out how you are going to achieve your goals is to chat with a fitness professional and have them take you through a programme suitable to your needs.


Rachael is currently studying Metabolic Precision Level 1 (Metabolic Nutrition) and is soon about to head over to Melbourne to become certified in Level 2 (Transformation Specialist).  Her foundation of exercise knowledge, wealth of experience in the fitness profession and ongoing willingness to learn more as studies develop adds to her success as a Personal Trainer.

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