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Our team of Personal Trainers took part in their own 8 week transformation challenge. Here’s an interview with Gino De Leva about his personal experience.

What was your reason for doing this 8 week challenge? The Exodus PTs as a group had been talking about it for a while. I quite like the discipline required for these types of challenges, over and above the physical transformation that one can experience. I have competed in bodybuilding in the past, but haven’t had to work to a deadline for over 8 years. I was interested to see if I could still do it.

Did you have any goals for how you wanted to look/how much you wanted to lose?I’m all for manageable, maintainable weight loss. With that in mind, I liked the idea of losing 1kg a week. So 8kgs in 8 weeks. I lost 9.1kgs in that 8 week timeframe. It was nice to see abs again too!

9.1kgs is a lot, you would have had to do hours of cardio a day to lose that much weight?No I don’t enjoy cardio all that much. I probably averaged about 30minutes cardio per session, and I definitely didn’t do it every day for 8 weeks. I prefer hill walking or x trainer. Nothing too extreme or my weights workouts suffer too much, which would have made me enjoy the entire process a lot less. I prefer to let my diet do the work, and it did! You DEFINITELY don’t have to work out for hours and hours EVERY day.


Speaking of diet, what did your daily meals consist of? It was mostly based on calories. I don’t have set foods that I eat each day, as it gets boring and less likely to stick to. Of course I had my “go to” foods that I enjoy eating such as chicken breast and kumara. But I was still able to enjoy the occasional meal out – and I certainly enjoyed them – but I still did manage to drop 1 kg a week on a consistent basis. Meals out included Lonestar one week, dumplings another week, and a meal at Dockside to celebrate my engagement. Yum!

How did you fight/curb your cravings? If you are fuelling your body properly then you shouldn’t get cravings, or only have them on a minimal basis. On occasions that I did, I would have a weight watchers jelly, or a low carb protein bar.

What’s the best advice you have for someone who wants to do their own transformation?
The facts are there – 90% of people that try to lose weight either lose a set amount and then put it back on with sometimes more, or, they try and fail. The percentages are probably higher for the New Years resolution crowd!

That said – it doesn’t have to be hard, but my best advice is to get professional help. Someone who has done it before. Tell them your dreams. It may not be 8 kgs in 8 weeks like me. Maybe you have a holiday or special event you would like to look good for.

To learn more about body transformations or how Gino can help you out see the contact info below:

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