10 HABITS of people who always stay FIT

  1. Every little bit counts …Exercise even if you only have 15min
  2. Mix up your routine – no one enjoys the ‘same’ thing every day
  3. Never skip a workout, instead focus on how great you’ll feel after the workout
  4. Fitness is a lifestyle! Don’t wait for an occasion to get in shape.
  5. Eat REAL food. Say no to diets and yes to clean/ healthy food.
  6. Workout at home if you can’t get to a gym.
  7. Exercise when you’re sore. Just because you are sore the next day doesn’t mean you need to have the next week off. Keep training, but at a lighter intensity.
  8. Focus on how you want to feel, rather than how you want to look.
  9. LOTS of sleep. Proper rest is crucial to see the results you want.
  10. Celebrate your progress and don’t beat yourself up when you still have more work to do. FITness is about the journey, not achieving perfection.

Let me help you install these 10 habits into your lifestyle by joining my bootcamp, starting in the beginning of August. Details to follow but contact me for more info.

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